Steel forging

IQE based in the US, with manufacturing in China, supplies high quality and low cost
Steel Forging
including Open die forging and Closed die forging; and secondary operations, such as, Machining, Plating. We also provide
stainless steel forging
, and
aluminum forging

Take advantage of the overseas connection with local engineering and local customer service to handle your project from beginning to end. We communicate design ideas, and convert all standards via bilingual Engineers to help work through all other challenges to make sure we exceed your quality, service and financial goals. Quality and customer satisfaction is the goal of our service. IQE’s quality management team in China checks the product quality at each stage in the production process to make sure the product meets the specifications before shipping. Based on request, we deliver your product to your dock or may stock your product in North America. Our suppliers are ISO9001-2000 or ISO/TS16949 certificated.


Part samples    

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Forged Tie Rod End, Alloy Steel, SAE 4140
Forged Automotive Steel Part, Alloy Steel SAE8620
Steel hot Forging GMX210 hinge Lifting anchors
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Stud Ball forging Part
Cross Forging Steel Part Cold Forging (Heading) Bolt UNSS66286 Stainless Steel Forge HUB, Automotive


Equipment List

Equipment Name
Equipment Type Equipment Origin
Equipment Q'ty
Capacity Parameter
Forging Equipment:
Friction Press
J53China 10 sets 630T 1 set
400T 2 sets
300T 2 sets
160T 5 sets
Die Hammer
1 Set
1 Set
Forging power 30000J
Air Forging Hammer
C41-750China 1 Set Forging power 19000J
C41-400China 2 Sets
Heating Equipment:
Frequency Furnace
with Pyrometer
China 9 sets 160KW 4 sets
250KW 3 set
500KW 2 set
Reverberating furnace
China 7 Sets
Heat Treatment Equipment
Continuous Heat
Treatment Furnace
China 1 set 400KW
Sealed Box furnace
China 7 sets 45KW 3 sets
55KW 2sets
110KW 2sets
Qualify Assurance Instrument
ARL3460Swiss 1 set Quick analysis of chemical
content of raw material
Hardness test Instrument
China 5 sets Test Brinell and Rockwell
microscope for
Japan 1 set Could print out the photo of
metallographic microstructure
of raw material
Proof Load Test machine
2 sets 300KN
CMM from Brown & Sharp
U.S.A. 1 set Dimensional check for tooling
and finished parts
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Forging Workshop for Anchor Forging Workshop for Automotive Parts
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Forging Heat Treatment Line Intermediate Frequency Furnace


Commonly used forging alloys


Carbon steel:

China, GB:
1015 1020 1025 1030 1035 1040 1045 1050 1055
1015 1020 1025 1030 1035 1040 1045 1050 1055
11 11
G10150 G10200 G10250 G10300 G10350 G10400 G10450 G10500 G10550


Alloy steel:

China, GB:
42CrMo 40CrNiMo 20CrNiMo
4140 4150 4340 8630 8620
11 11
G41400 G41500 G43400 G86300 G86200


Tool steel:

A-2 A-6 D-2 D-5 SKT4 SKD61 H13


Stainless Steel:

304 316 316L 410 630
11 11
S30400 S31600 S41000 S17400


Aluminum Alloy:

6061 6063 2024 7050


Closed die steel forging technical data and secondary operations

Hot die forging tolerance thumb rule (not for precision forging)
< 0.8" in die open direction, +/- 0.02"
> 0.8" in die open direction, +/- 0.03"
The larger part, the looser tolerance; also depends on the part shape.
Part weight range
0.2 to 44 lbs for die forging
44 lbs up for open die forging
Die draft:
5 - 7 degree
Wall thickness range
less than 4"
Tooling construction
All molds are constructed from Premium H-13 or 30Cr tool steel and are heat treated to 50Rc or higher. Tooling is produced in-house, or out-sourced.
Die lifetime
5K - 20K shots per tooling maintenance
belt sanding, grinding machines, brush deburring, filing, sand blast, tumbling, vibration deburring, etc.
Die forging surface roughness (RMS, µin)
Normal lead time:
Tooling and sample: 2 weeks - 3 weeks.
Complicated parts take longer.
Secondary operations
Heat treatment
Magnetic Crack Detection
Zinc plating
Nickel plating


Engineering Assistance

: Based on request, IQE can provide the following services for our customers:
      - CAD model development from your sample;
      - Stress analysis, which helps in knowing whether the
        design is adequate and optimized, and what changes are
        needed, before the physical part is made;
     -  Some Mechanical and Chemical Lab tests for your
        prototype part.
FEA analysis
Impact simulation of a cone shaped plastic cushion

Main Products

   Automotive parts, Lift anchors, Rigging hardware, etc.

Customers in

Illinois , Ohio, Virginia, Canada, New Jersey, Michigan, Mexico, Maryland
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